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monthly Rate

$190/mo for 4 half hour lessons once a week. Payment is due at the beginning of each month. Some months may have 5 of the same weekdays or may contain a holiday. However, the amount to be paid per month will be the same regardless and will actually balance out over the course of a year

hourly rate

Single hourly lessons are $85/hour.


House calls are negotiated on a case by case basis.


No lessons on the following Holidays:




Memorial Day

Labor Day

July 4th


Make-ups will only be considered with a 24 hour notice and must be made up that week if the schedule allows, Lake Oswego Violin will always try to accommodate but if there is no opening for the make up you simply will not receive one nor credit towards another lesson. If the teacher is unable to attend a lesson the student can choose to reschedule, receive credit, or be reimbursed.


There will be no monetary credit for cancellations. Once you have paid for the month that is it for that month. If you know ahead of time you have to miss a week and let Lake Oswego Violin know well in advance (before the month you will be missing a week) then you will not be billed for the lesson that is going to be missed.


There will be 2 recitals per year (TBA) one in the Fall or Winter and one in the spring or summer. There is a fee for all who perform to cover the costs of the rental space, equipment and other professional musicians involved.


A fee of $25 dollars per student performer is required.



Students are responsible for their own materials, instruments, and need to follow their instructor's recommended practice schedule.



The teacher is responsible for providing a safe, judgment free, fun, and effective learning environment.


Lake Oswego Violin Studio reserves the right to photograph and videotape students for training and promotional purposes.

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